Using Assignments


After installing and activating the plugin, go to wp-admin > Testimonials > Settings > Assignment tab. Select the content types that can have testimonials.

Select whether you want to have single or multiple selections.

  • Single selection means each testimonial can only be assigned to one object (content type).
  • Multiple selection means a testimonial can be assigned to more than one object.

If you’re not sure, start with Single and see how it works for you. You can always change it later.


In the testimonial editor, you will see a meta box in the right sidebar named “Assignment”. This is where you can make manual assignments.

In the post editor for your selected content types, you will see a meta box named “Assigned Testimonials”. This has an option to exclude this object from having testimonials assigned to it and it lists the currently assigned testimonials.


In the view editor, each view has a new section named “Assignment” at the top. This option acts as a filter on the query results.

Display and Slideshow modes

Imagine your theme has a custom content type named service.

For display and slideshow views, the options are:

  • assigned to a specific content type
    • to filter the testimonials by the content type of what they are assigned to
    • for example, all testimonials for all services
  • assigned to the current object(s)
    • to filter the testimonials based on what is being displayed on the page
    • for example, when the view is on a service archive page
    • this works well when your theme makes extensive use of custom post type templates
  • assigned to specific object(s)
    • regardless of what page the view is on
    • for example, all testimonials for your service “Super Deluxe”

Form mode

For the form view, the options are similar: (continuing with our example service)

  • assign it to specific object(s)
    • to automatically assign the testimonial to a specific service
    • regardless of what page the form is on
  • assign it to current object
    • to automatically assign the testimonial to what is being displayed on the page
    • if on a service page, assign it to that service
    • if on another page, no assignment is made


If you allow the standard WordPress page to have testimonials, you will need to exclude any page that should not have testimonials. Otherwise, a filtered view may not show anything.

In other words, if you have 10 pages total and 3 are used to describe your services and you want testimonials on those 3 pages, exclude the other 7 from testimonials.

Other features

In Quick Edit and Bulk Edit in the admin list for your selected content types, you can exclude those objects from testimonials.

In Fields, you can add an assignment selector to your form instead of using the automatic assignment. Using that assignment field will override the form view options described above.

Every situation is different

When in doubt, experiment. You can add and remove assignments at will without adversely affecting anything.

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