Easily create SEO-friendly testimonials that your customers and search engines can understand.

With the Strong Testimonials Premium Review Markup Add-on, you can easily make full use of your testimonials to stand out in search engines with our easy-to-use Schema.org markup extension.

You likely already know how powerful using testimonials as social proof is, right? Well, in case you don’t – let’s get right to it:

  • 98% of U.S. adults found user-generated reviews helpful in their holiday shopping decisions;
  • 90% of consumers worldwide trust earned media (like testimonials) above all other forms of advertising; and
  • Google Business listings with 3+ star reviews take 87% of customer clicks.

So, why does your business need testimonials?

There are countless reasons to take advantage of testimonials in your conversion rate optimization strategy – and no reasons not to.

Testimonials build trust and authority.

A website with testimonials shows visitors that your product is tried and tested.

It’s proof that people are willing to actually pay for what you’re selling. And perhaps more importantly, it’s proof that you did such a great job that customers were willing to give you feedback on those services.

There’s one caveat though, not every testimonial will help you drive sales.

In order for your testimonials to be effective, you need to have an effective strategy in place to collect and display testimonials that scream authority.

Strong Testimonials + SEO = A higher CTR & higher conversion rate

Technical SEO is difficult and leveraging the SEO power of your testimonials can help drive more search traffic to your website. That’s unfortunately also why using any old testimonial plugin for WordPress just won’t cut it – but don’t worry because that’s exactly where Strong Testimonials comes in! 😀