Easily customize testimonials beyond the default star rating value, reorder fields and more with the Strong Testimonials Premium Advanced Views Add-on.

First, you must create a view. A view is simply a group of settings with an easy-to-use editor. You can create an unlimited number of views. For example, one view to display your testimonials, another view for your testimonial submission form, and a third view to display a slideshow of your testimonials on your website.

Filter Testimonials

Using the Advanced views add-on you can also easily filter testimonials and choose to only display those between 3 and 5 stars or choose to only show 5-star ratings. This is perfect if you’re accepting testimonial submissions with a form created using Strong Testimonials because you can ensure that only the testimonials that accurately represent you and your business appear on your website.

Reorder Fields

In addition to this, you’re also free to re-order all of the fields as you wish when creating a Display or Slideshow view. This ensures that you aren’t limited to creating basic layouts – and you have full control over how your testimonials look on your website. Learn more about field reordering in our documentation.