A thriving business is built with happy customers

Tap into referral-driven business, without having to spend thousands of dollars on marketing, by leveraging user-generated content. We’ve built the #1 WordPress plugin for collecting, managing, and displaying testimonials.

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All you’ve ever needed was social proof

No one trusts your marketing slogans. Do you know who your clients trust? Their friends and your existing customers. Customer testimonials have become the salt and the pepper of marketing nowadays.

79% of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. People buy from other people. Your job is simply to share their testimonials.

Strong Testimonials is a brilliant plugin and does exactly what it is supposed to. After setting up Strong Testimonials, I’ve saved many hours I would have otherwise spent manually collecting or moderating testimonials.
Manish Baj
Good app to add testimonials to your site. I love their testimonial moderation feature. I add testimonials I’ve received from other places and it’s easy to do that and add it to the site. The format fits well.
Ann Donnelly
After testing a few testimonial plugins I selected this one and am very happy with it. Had a minor conflict with the theme I use and the support was fast and resolved the issue immediately. Very delighted, thank you!

100,000 Users Can’t All Be Wrong. We Built This For You.

Boring Layouts Ruin Great Testimonials

There’s a good chance your potential clients completely skipped past some great testimonials on your website, simply because they didn’t realize what they were.

We all skim, and when great words are hidden in boring layouts, no one wins.

If you’re tired of losing clients and not being able to leverage testimonials here’s your chance to influence purchase decisions and grow your business.

14-day money-back guarantee, love it or get a full refund.

Text-based Testimonials have lost their credibility

We’ve got the right tool for your business

Today’s sites require more than just a few words in italics. If you want to grab the attention of your audience, you’re going to need something that stands out.

That’s why we’ve added video testimonials to help get your reviews noticed. (coming soon)

14-day money-back guarantee, love it or get a full refund.

E-commerce Needs More than Nice Words

Ready to drive even more sales?

The most important dynamic with testimonials is the ability to drive additional sales. That’s impossible if your testimonials don’t link back to the products being reviewed.

Fortunately for you, as the leading eCommerce testimonial plugin, this is right up our alley. Strong Testimonials works flawlessly with WooCommerce.

14-day money-back guarantee, love it or get a full refund.