Testimonial View: Form

There are 3 types of testimonials views: display, slideshow, and form. Each with its own set of settings and options.

The Form View will display a testimonial submission form.

To first explore the display settings, you must create a testimonial submission form.

Explore our documentation on customizing a testimonial submission form.

With Strong Testimonial’s free plan, you can only customize one single form. Upgrade to the Business plan and access creating and managing multiple forms.

Actions settings

  • Assign to a category
  • Enable/disable submitting form without reloading the page. This will override the Success Redirect setting.

Style settings

Template – light theme or dark theme

Background – Inherit from the theme, single color (pick a color from the color wheel or insert the hex code in the field provided), gradient (pick top color, pick bottom color), preset (a collection of already made gradients: light blue, light gray, light green mist, light latte, light plum, sky blue).

Font – Inherit from the theme or specify the font color yourself.

Both options above allow you to see how the text and background work together on the right side in real-time.

CSS Classes – Field area to set a custom CSS class for knowledgeable advanced users.

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