Testimonial View: Display

There are 3 types of testimonials views: display, slideshow, and form. Each with its own set of settings and options.

The Display View will display testimonials one under the other depending on the layout selected.

Query Settings

These settings allow you to choose which testimonials to display in this view and how many.

Select – one or more testimonials to display or a specific testimonial. If you choose to display a certain testimonial you can choose it from the available list or by entering its ID or slug.

Categories – select the category of testimonials you want displayed in this view. You can also choose ‘all categories’.

Order – the order the testimonials will be displayed in. It can be:

  • random
  • menu order
  • newest first
  • oldest first

Quantity – how many testimonials to display. You can choose a specific number or all.

Fields Settings

Title – select what action clicking the title will trigger. You can select:

  • None – nothing will happen.
  • Full Testimonial – link to full testimonial single page. This option does not work if if “Disable permalinks for testimonials” from “Settings” panel is enabled.
  • Company Website – link to company website.

Featured Image – from here you can set up the featured image:

  • Size – change the size of a testimonial’s featured image. You can even add a custom size by entering the desired width and height.
  • Open full-size image in a lightbox – turn this on/off depending on your needs. Keep in mind that it requires a lightbox provided by your theme or another plugin.
  • CSS class – add here a class to the image link. You will then use that class to add custom styling.
  • If no featured image – choose what happens if your testimonial does not have a featured image.

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