Creating multiple forms

Strong Testimonials includes one form to accept new testimonials from your customers.

With the Multiple Forms extension, you can create a unique form for each product or service you offer. Those fields can then be added to any testimonial view.

Available forms

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Testimonials > Forms to see your available forms.

  • Default Form – The base form used in Strong Testimonials. This is used when you click Restore Defaults in the fields editor.
  • Minimal Form – A new form included in this add-on.
  • Custom Form – Your current form in Strong Testimonials.

Add a new form

The base forms cannot be modified. To add a new form, simply duplicate any existing form or click the ‘Add new’ button at the top.

In the fields editor, you will see the Form Name. Change this to something more descriptive like “Product ABC Customers” or “Service XYZ Clients”. This does not appear on the form itself.

Select the form

In the view editor, there is a new section Multiple Forms for selecting the form to use.

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