What Is The Ideal Length For Each Type Of Testimonial?

True marketing professionals’ bread and butter are customer testimonials. They are, in a nutshell, someone else’s word that your products and services perform what they claim to accomplish. They’re also one of the oldest tactics in the book. Newspaper advertising from a century ago prominently displays them for one reason and one reason only: they work! But what exactly is the ideal testimonial length?

Why are testimonials effective

A testimonial is essentially a self-selling advertising for your services or goods. Let’s take a closer look at why they work:

Provides social proof

‘Hey, don’t take our word for it. Look at how many people are raving about us!’ they say. Your company gains a significant increase in reputation, as well as the ability to borrow the testimonial provider’s credibility.

Appeals to emotions

The testimonials speak straight to our hearts, bypassing our brains. Positive customer testimonials tell about issues addressed, time saved, and improved quality of life. The things that we all want.

They are story-driven

Clients are more inclined to ”buy” whatever message you’re selling since the testimonials weave a compelling tale with aspects of their own lives.

Gives your company a face

You’re no longer an unknown company if you have a few positive testimonials. People are far more inclined to trust and conduct business with you if you’re John from Washington or Stacy from Austin.

All of this, when put together, will do wonders for your brand’s image, lead generation, and revenue.

Customers giving testimonials
Customers giving testimonials

What are the types of testimonials

Should testimonials be short or long? How to determine the ideal testimonial length? Before asking what is the best length for a testimonial, we need to know what types of testimonials we have. The type of testimonial you choose is determined by the narrative you want to tell and how you want to tell it.

All testimonials are not created equal. Some reviews may come from raving admirers, while others may come from those who are just raving crazy. Beyond questionable ratings, testimonials reaffirm your worth in the eyes of individuals who have benefited from your services.

Clients are the most common source of testimonials, but coworkers can also be helpful. Here are six various kinds of testimonials you should gather and use with permission.

Quote testimonials

Quotes are the most frequent form of client feedback, and they’ve been there for over decades.

Whenever possible, we recommend you include quote testimonials in your content. This may be your homepage, special offer emails, and newsletter, but you’ll want them on product/service sites to give that salesy language some legitimacy.

Peer testimonials

Whether written, verbal, or video, peer testimonials are a B2B marketer’s greatest friend. Again, psychology is at blame: they function because of implicit egotism. It’s a scientific phrase that implies we believe in individuals who are more similar to ourselves.

How do you make use of them? You may utilize these in a variety of ways, much like quote testimonials. However, we would exercise caution and ensure that they are placed on sections of your website that are visited by people who are comparable to those in the testimonials.

Manager sorting through short testimonials
Manager sorting through testimonials

Social testimonials

The main difference between social and other testimonials is that you don’t have to request them. Instead, your consumers will give them to you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere.

All you have to do is polish them and ask for permission to utilize them for marketing purposes.

You can use them on your website, ideally on product/service pages or the ‘Our Clients’ page. We wouldn’t put them on the homepage. They can appear a little out of place, especially if the formatting isn’t changed (as in, it’s clearly a Facebook post dragged there using a plugin).

How long should social media testimonials be? Usually, they’re not more than a phrase. Instagram and Twitter have a pretty low character limit whereas Facebook lets you write a bit more. The optimal testimonial length on Facebook would also be around one paragraph.

Video testimonials

A good video customer testimonial is unrivaled. It’s tough to fake but much more challenging to get precisely correct, which is why it’s known as the Porsche of testimonials.

Video testimonials radiate authenticity and trust, as well as demonstrating something far more intangible. Your business is so unique that individuals are ready to devote hours of their time to help you persuade others of it!

On your website, video testimonials will look amazing, especially if you properly film and edit them. If you have many of them, you may utilize them on your product/service sites (specifically customized to certain items) and share them on social media.

Long-form testimonials

Longform testimonials are written testimonials with a length of 1,000 or more words that are either terrific interviews or valuable case studies highlighting your top clientele.

You should not use these testimonials to hard-sell your brand. Instead, they should focus on the benefits that the client received due to working with you. The trick here, as with any long post, is not to tire the reader. If you do, you’ll almost certainly lose them forever.

There aren’t many alternatives for placement when it comes to long-form testimonials that don’t really come close to the ideal testimonial length. You’ll probably wind up putting them on your blog and actively advertising them on social media.

Publications like The Huffington Post, The Economist, or The New York Times, on the other hand, are the Holy Grail of long-form testimonials, doing wonders not just for conversion rates but also for lead generation and organic SERP ranks.

Manager sorting testimonials
Manager sorting testimonials

Mixed testimonials

Mashups are essentially a series of brief textual testimonials put to a backdrop image and music or a series of short video testimonials starring multiple persons.

They’re ideal for posting on social media, especially if you’re attempting to cover many consumer personas in a one-minute video.

This sort of client testimonial is appropriate for social media pages, including YouTube. I wouldn’t advocate placing them on your website because they aren’t particularly targeted and, regardless of how much work you put into making them, most of them wind up appearing sloppy.

There are many more types of testimonials that are not listed here, and if you want to find more about them read our article focused on the best types of testimonials guaranteed to boost conversions.

How long should text testimonials be

Only one thing that gets on your visitor’s nerve more than an untrustworthy testimonial: having to wade through a wall of text to figure out what it’s all about.

Our online attention span is only 8 seconds, and your testimonials, like the rest of your website content, rely on that short attention span.

At most, your ideal testimonial length should be two or three paragraphs long. They should be written in your customer’s voice to avoid coming across as too formal or technical. Testimonials are a type of material that is easy to comprehend and resonates with potential consumers.

It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to editing client testimonials. Including too much information will weary the reader and cause them to click away.

Keep the lengthier pieces for case studies, which may be standalone solid pieces of content marketing strategy. Keep your testimonials focused on bolstering the value proposition you’ve established across the remainder of your landing page.

It may appear to conflict with the preceding statement. While your testimonials should always retain a tight focus and avoid becoming overly wordy, they should also include enough information to seem genuine. This is why.

Anybody may claim that your goods “improved their life.” However, adding specifics to the statement makes it considerably more appealing.

Client giving short testimonial
Client giving short testimonial

Good vs bad short testimonials

Marketings specialists say that the ideal testimonial length is under a paragraph. It’s a shame that the majority of internet short testimonials are terrible. I’m sure you’ve seen short testimonials examples like these:

  • Ben is a fantastic instructor.
  • Ben has taught me so much!
  • The session that Ben put together was fantastic.

These testimonials would be so much better if they included a few more information, such as:

  • Ben is a fantastic instructor. I mastered parallel parking in under an hour.
  • Ben has taught me so much! His knowledge of engines and mechanics is impressive.
  • The session that Ben put together was fantastic. He was calm and interacted with all of us.

Can you feel the difference? Simple details really tell you a lot about Ben.

But how to handle long testimonials? If you must edit long testimonials, make the most crucial terms stick out in the message by bolding them. Therefore it will draw the visitor’s attention to the most relevant portions of the website, preventing them from leaving due to boredom caused by extensive paragraphs. Shorten long testimonials where needed.

How to write a short testimonial?

Consider the following questions before you begin writing. They can assist you in getting your narrative started by igniting your imagination.

  • What was the issue that your customer required you to resolve?
  • How did you come up with a solution to the problem?
  • What made your solution stand out?
  • What was the experience like for your customer?
  • Would you have a message you want to get across?

If you need it to be as short as possible but still pack a punch, ask the customers at least three main benefits they received from your product or service. You can tweak them and ask the clients if the modifications are ok. Always ask for permission whenever you want to modify or publish something.

 Client giving testimonial
Client giving testimonial

How long should video testimonials be

What is the ideal testimonial length when it comes to video format? For several reasons, video testimonials have long been a successful video marketing strategy. Sure, filming video testimonials is as simple as hiring a stranger $5 to read a script and act as though they enjoy a product. Still, we all know that the best testimonials are genuine and originate from actual consumers.

The average consumer’s attention span is shrinking. While you already know that video testimonials should be no longer than necessary, it’s a good idea to identify the video duration sweet spot that will inspire viewers to take action right immediately. The following is a brief rundown of how long each segment of a video should be so you can determine the best length for a testimonial video.

1. Give folks a brief rundown

Giving them the pleasure of an introduction is a great way to get off on the right foot and connect straight away. Request that the individual providing the testimonial summarizes the brand, what it offers, and what it wants to accomplish.

The introduction should be brief and to the point. In other words, don’t go more than 30 seconds, or you’ll lose your audience to a slumber.

2. Spark their curiosity

They’re gone if your video testimonial doesn’t instantly capture the audience’s curiosity. Following the brief introduction, the client should offer further information about their experience with the product or service. This is the location where you may show off your product in its entirety.

It’s okay if the individual providing the testimonial appears too excited as long as they remain truthful throughout. Finding someone with a bold or captivating personality can help you out here. The first step for quick action is to keep the audience interested. This segment of the video testimonial should last no more than one minute.

Happy customer
Happy customer

3. Make an impact on their decision

The final section of a video testimonial should provide further information about your company, including where they can find you online and how to contact you if they have any questions or reservations about the product. The video’s conclusion is crucial since it’s here that a testimonial has the potential to convert a focused audience into targeted leads.

This segment of a testimonial video should not go more than 30 seconds. However, the ideal length for a testimonial video is under two minutes, with a cut time of 60 to 90 seconds being preferable.


It may take some time to craft excellent customer feedback, but the review will write itself if you provide your customers with a unique experience. Don’t worry about the ideal testimonial length. As long as the customer provides you with plenty of information and allows you to select what to highlight, you will always have perfect testimonials.

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