Role Management

We’re giving power back to the users and, as such, we’ve created this extension where admins can decide which user roles are worthy of adding, editing, or removing testimonials. 

How to install it?

The Strong Testimonials Role Management extension is a premium extension. In order to install it you need to go to your dashboard > Testimonials > Extensions > and click on the ‘Install & Activate’ button under the extension.

Once it’s installed and active it will display as ‘installed

How to use it?

To use it you need to go to your WP dashboard > Testimonials > Settings > Role Management > you will see there all user roles and you can set permissions for each one.


  • Read Own Testimonial
  • Edit Own Testimonial
  • Delete Own Testimonial
  • Read Private Testimonials
  • Edit Any Testimonials
  • Edit Other Testimonials
  • Publish Any Testimonials
  • Delete Any Testimonials
  • Delete Other Testimonials
  • Manage Settings
  • Upload Files – will have access to the Media Library to upload/edit/delete media files.
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