Why not show comments using the plugin template?

A few reasons.

  1. The mechanism already exists in your theme and I'm hesitant to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Using the same system for all comments on your site improves your overall visitor experience and increases your credibility.
  3. The way the plugin displays testimonials is meant to add instant social proof without letting readers get bogged down, especially when using a slideshow. If they want to know more about your customers' experience, let them read the full testimonial post.

While it may look better in some cases to display comments via the plugin, I think it flows better using the plugin to show your best testimonials and using your theme to display them individually, especially if you have long testimonials that really tell a story.

How can I customize the comment and form style?

Your theme is in charge of that. If you need a developer, I highly recommend Codeable.

Why don't my fields like Name and Company appear on the individual testimonial?

Your single post template does not know they exist. There are two methods for adding the custom fields.

One is a custom template for testimonials using your theme's single post template as a foundation.

The other is to add a view in Single Template mode which will append your custom fields to your single post template when viewing testimonials.

For most themes, making a custom testimonial template is quite simple but since every theme is different, I have not found a universal method to accomplish that.

I will be happy to help if you want to try a custom testimonial template.


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