The Width

By default, videos and photos will fill 100% of their container (depending on their aspect ratio).

To set the width in pixels of embedded objects for all testimonials, go to
wp-admin Testimonials Settings Embed Width

The height will be set automatically. This only affects testimonial views, not your posts or pages.


However, you can use that embed/iframe code in your testimonial content if, for example, you want to tweak its settings, but if your client enters that code into the testimonial form, it will be stripped out for security reasons.

You can also use the [embed] shortcode to set the width and/or height. Use this when you want to control the dimensions on individual testimonials or when you simply want to delineate the URL within your testimonial content.

Note: The [embed] shortcode will not work when the NextGEN Gallery plugin is activated.

[embed width="300" height="150"][/embed]
[embed width="570"][/embed]


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