Here's where it gets tricky

Some config files have a big group of settings named options that looks like this:

"options": [
      "name": "image_position",
      "label": "",
      "type": "select",
      "default": "left",
      "values": [
          "value": "left",
          "class_name": "",
          "description": "image on left"
          "value": "right",
          "class_name": "image-right",
          "description": "image on right"

Not all templates have options. Don't worry if you don't see this in your config file.

Those represent the template options in the view editor.

You can safely delete that whole section so that line looks like this:

"options": "",

I will explain how to use those settings to create your own template options in another tutorial.


  1. Rename the folder
  2. Edit the template file
  3. Edit the config file
  4. Remove template options — you are here
  5. Config examples
  6. Edit the stylesheet
  7. Check