Edit the stylesheet (either content.css or form.css).

1. Template name

Change the template name at the top of the file. It's not required but it's a good idea to be consistent.

 * Strong Testimonials custom template

2. Template options

Remember those template options we saw in the config.json file? We should remove their CSS from the stylesheet.

Not all templates have options. Don't worry if you don't see this in your stylesheet.

Delete these sections:

/* Option: Image Right
.strong-view.default.image-right .strong-content {
/* Option: No Quotes
-----------------------------------------------*/ .testimonial-heading {
/* Option: Dark Theme
.strong-view.default.dark .testimonial {

3. Template class

The template folder name becomes a CSS class added to the view container. This allows multiple templates to exist on the same page without conflict.

Replace every occurrence of





  1. Rename the folder
  2. Edit the template file
  3. Edit the config file
  4. Remove template options
  5. Config examples
  6. Edit the stylesheet — you are here
  7. Check