Strong Testimonials includes a fields editor that makes it easy to customize the testimonial form. You can quickly add or remove fields and change several display properties to meet your needs.

Testimonials are a custom post type. This is a very popular approach that makes many powerful features available to you, and helps this plugin keep up with changes in WordPress. Since they are posts, you will see some fields referred to as post fields in this tutorial.

While this tutorial is about the front-end form that your visitors will use to submit a testimonial, keep in mind that any changes also affect the custom fields available in the post editor and the view editor.

In other words, you're really doing two things:

  1. modifying the form as it appears on your site, and
  2. modifying the custom fields to suit your situation.


  1. Before and after
  2. The fields
  3. The editor
  4. Field options
  5. Deleting fields
  6. Changing fields
  7. Adding fields
  8. Reordering fields
  9. The new form