Fields Reordering

You can reorder the fields displayed by a testimonial template by using the Strong Testimonials: Advanced Views extension.

Start by going to your desired view in the backend: Testimonials Views. Make sure the view Mode is set to either Display or Slideshow.

Fields Reordering 1

Select the fields that you’ll like to have in the view:

Fields Reordering 2
You can reorder base fields like the title, photo, content as well as custom fields like client name, rating, submit date.

In the example above our displayed fields are: Title, Photo (Featured Image), Content, Full Name, Rating and Submit Date.

Lastly, go to your selected template and start defining the field order:

Fields Reordering 3
add, remove, drag & drop fields.

Click Save Changes and check the view on the front-end.

Fields Reordering 4

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