Aggregate rating shortcode

In the Strong Testimonials Review Markup add-on, use this shortcode to display your aggregate rating and/or its structured data markup: 

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars


This includes markup.

Most common scenario

To simply display the average rating and stars alongside a view that is configured to add both review markup and aggregate rating markup.

In other words, the view is handling all the markup so you just want to show the aggregate.

Markup Options

On the same page as testimonials:

Without markup:

Markup only:

For a specific category (by slug):

Component Options

Rating value only:

Stars only:

Custom title and/or summary phrases:

Style Options

In block format instead of inline (CSS):


Block and centered:

With a custom CSS class (not included in the plugin):
For example: <style>.my-css-class { color: red; }</style>

With a custom CSS class plus block and/or centered:

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