Getting Started

This plugin is different. Instead of multiple shortcodes and widgets with dozens of attributes, there is one main shortcode and one widget.

1. Create a view

First, you must create a view. A view is simply a group of settings with an easy-to-use editor. You can create an unlimited number of views.

For example, one view to display your testimonials, another view for the testimonial submission form, another view for a slideshow widget.

Go to wp-admin > Testimonials > Views > and click Add New. Give the view a name to help you identify it later, such as “form” or “home page testimonials”.

2. Select a mode

Display, Slideshow or Form. The available options will change based on the current mode. Then simply go through the options one by one to configure your view. The default settings are a good place to start.

Click Save Changes at the bottom and the view’s unique shortcode will appear. The first view’s shortcode will be [[testimonial_view id="1"]].

3. Shortcode or widget

To use the shortcode, click the copy to clipboard button or manually copy the shortcode and paste it into your page.

With the shortcode copied to your clipboard go to Pages > add new or edit a page > click the ‘+’ icon to choose a block > search the Shortcode block > and paste there the shortcode.

Or add the Strong Testimonials View widget to a sidebar and select the view by name (that’s why you gave it a descriptive name).

To add it in a sidebar go to Appearance > Widgets > click on the Strong Testimonials View widget > and select where to add it.

Still stuck? We’re here to help.

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.