The Multiple Forms add-on allows you to create more testimonial submission forms. Each form can have their own set of custom fields to gather different customer details for each product or service you offer.

Until now, each form shared the same settings for things like the Submit button label, the success message or redirect page, and the email notification.

Form settings

In version 1.8, each form has their own settings. Now you can completely customize each form independently.

  • Labels and messages like “Required” and “Submit Testimonial”
  • Redirecting to another page upon successful submission
  • Sending email notifications to site administrators

A simple example

Imagine you have two services: Standard and Premium.

To encourage repeat business and upgrades, when a customer submits a testimonial for your Standard service, you can redirect them to a “Thank you” page to give them a discount code for their next purchase of your Premium service.

To incentivize your customers to submit testimonials, use a different “Thank you” page for each service to provide access to special services, free information, or courses related to that service.

Dial it in

This update will help you tailor the testimonial submission process to your specific business.