This version adds a highly requested feature and two compatibility options.

Average rating

If using a star rating field, use the [testimonial_average_rating] shortcode to display your average rating. Go to the Testimonials > Shortcodes admin page to see examples of the shortcode options.

New event watchers

Load event

This option controls when the sliders, Masonry and form validation are started. The default setting works well for sites that normally load within 1-2 seconds. For sites with a ton of images or 3rd-party scripts like social media posts, the “window load” setting may help solve problems like sliders not starting or Masonry only showing a single column.

Lazy loading images

If lazy loading images in your theme or with a plugin, sometimes images are cut off in sliders or Masonry. This can happen because sliders and Masonry wait to resize themselves until all images are loaded. Sometimes the signals get crossed and the slider thinks all images are loaded before they actually are. This setting helps prevent that by watching for changes in CSS classes on the images.

If you need help with either of these new event watchers, start a support ticket.

Minor stuff

The star ratings now use an empty star instead of a solid star in gray for a consistent appearance with the average rating shortcodes and its half-empty star for half ratings.

I added some minor style tweaks for the templates on small screens. I improved the error handling and added some console logging for troubleshooting JavaScript.