This version fixes 2 bugs, offers better Captcha options, and improves compatibility.


Using the %CATEGORY% tag in the notification email subject or message now properly displays the category name.

When using WPML or Polylang, the two “Read more” links (to the full testimonial and to a specific page) were using the same link text.


Integration with the Captcha plugin was removed due to security concerns.

Integration with the Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha plugin was removed due to compatibility issues and a lack of recent updates.

The recommended Captcha solution is now Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft. It offers both reCaptcha V2 (the “I’m not a robot” checkbox) and Invisible reCaptcha which works in the background and is the best Captcha method moving forward. The plugin is highly rated, the code is solid and their support is very responsive.

Why not just build my own Captcha module and not rely on these other plugins? While I’m a big fan of rolling your own, as I did with Strong Testimonials, I also don’t like to reinvent the wheel. If someone else has crafted a good (or good enough) solution that is simple to integrate, well-maintained and well-supported, it makes sense to use that in order to focus on this plugin’s core functionality.

Without constant consideration of this dilemma, sometimes rolling your own becomes the default choice because it’s often easier. Case in point: There are more than 2 dozen testimonial plugins! And don’t get me started on page builders.

That said, if the current Captcha integrations begin to crumble, I will build it into the plugin.


A conflict with Cherry Slider was resolved.

Support for FooBox Image Lightbox was added so you can click on thumbnails to open the full-size image in a lightbox.

The admin UI for the new testimonial notification email was redesigned to look better on all screen sizes and to make it easier to add your custom fields to the email body. I’m glad to get that one off the to-do list!

The form submission process was refactored to work “the WordPress way” which may improve compatibility with some plugins and themes.

Keep It Up

This update was completely driven by you.

I put the plugin on feature freeze while I worked on other projects but these issues demanded immediate attention. When you report bugs and conflicts, when you ask about the best way to do this or that, you help me understand how the plugin is being used and you test it “in the wild” in ways that I cannot.

The end result is a better plugin for everybody.